About LTDS

The Laboratory Technologies, Dialogues and Sites – LTDS is a laboratory-network created in 1996 in the field of Management and Innovation within the Production Engineering Program at COPPE. Coordinated by Prof. Roberto Bartholo, the LTDS engages in human resources training, research, consultancy, project development, multimedia production, publishing and organizing scientific and technical events.
LTDS also includes the Strategic Studies Group – GEE that deals with issues related to international security, national defense and public security from the political, tactical, logistical, technological and strategic perspectives. In 2019, the laboratory changed its name while keeping its acronym: the Laboratory of Technology and Social Development is now called Laboratory Technologies, Dialogues and Sites.

Research Lines

Digital Humanities

The research group on Digital Humanities is based upon the philosophical perspective of Vilém Flusser, articulating several fields of contemporary academic knowledge (such as engineering, computational science, social sciences, media theory, arts, etc.) in order to try to apprehend what the emerging 'digital world' brings to the human condition.

Relational Heritage

The research group Relational Heritage reflects on the importance of heritage in contemporary times. Supported by the theoretical perspective of Richard Rorty, it aims to expand and deepen our sense of community and reaffirm heritage as an ethical-political choice that takes place amid a net of relations and institutions.

Situated Entrepreneurship

The research group Situated Entrepreneurship is based upon the logic of Effectuation (Saras Sarasvathy contribution to contemporary theories of entrepreneurship). The theoretical perspective emphasizes the strategic importance of uncertainty, unpredictability and the rooting in local truths and practices for entrepreneurial activity.

Our Projects

Food 2.0

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Effectuation in Rio


Cultural Heritage